How does Boxhub work?

Purchasing a shipping container with Boxhub is just like buying a household product on Amazon.

Our online platform has made it possible to buy shipping containers for any purpose without the hassle of calling shipping lines, depots and trucking companies.

To buy a shipping container with Boxhub:

  1. Search for the container type, size and location you require.
  2. Choose the right condition depending on your project.
  3. Add any additional services such as Boxhub delivery or CSC inspections.
  4. Pay through a secure online payment process.
  5. Boxhub will send you a purchase confirmation upon receiving your order information.
  6. Receive your container at your door with Boxhub delivery or pick up the container yourself at the seller's container depot.

If you need any assistance throughout the process, reach out to our customer service team ( and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.