What does my warranty cover?

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We’re thrilled to dive into the details of our incredible warranty offerings for your container needs today! Whether it’s a seasoned used unit or a gleaming new one, we’ve got warranty perks designed just for you, to ensure every bit of happiness and peace of mind. 🌟

🎈1-Year Warranty on Seasoned Units:
Opting for one of our seasoned units? Well, you’re in luck! Every used unit comes with a comforting 1-year warranty! This means zero stress about unexpected holes or leaks, and doors that are ready to function without needing any mechanical touch-ups! 🚪 But, do remember, these units have traversed journeys and have tales to tell! Expect doors with character (a bit stiff), and visible signs of their experiences—yes, we’re talking about heavy to moderate rust, several dents, scratches, and well-worn floors. Generally, they are 10-15 years young, but some might be celebrating their 20th birthday!

A Scent of Adventure: These units might hold the lingering aroma of their last cargo – it’s a part of their charm, and something our warranty doesn’t cover. 🌺

 🎉 5-Year Warranty on Brand-New Units:
If a brand-new unit is more your style, we roll out a fabulous 5-year warranty! These pristine containers welcome you with doors that swing open smoothly, negligible to zero rust, and floors so fresh, they are almost inviting you to dance! 🕺 And absolutely, no holes, no leaks – just flawless container goodness!

📸 Spotted an Issue?
Should you find any holes, leaks, or doors playing hard to get, don’t fret! Just capture a picture or a quick video of the mischievous door, and drop us a line at support@boxhub.com. 📧

 🌿 Crafted Resolutions, Just for You!
We understand the importance of having things go your way. Rest assured, if any issue arises, we're here to craft a resolution, based on our rich reservoir of industry knowledge. Our solutions might sometimes be different from what you had in mind, but trust in our expertise to deliver the most effective and suitable resolution possible, ensuring your experience remains seamless. 🛠️

In Conclusion:
Our aspiration is to deliver an experience at BoxHub that is as seamless and joyful as possible, blending unparalleled quality with steadfast reliability! We stand by you every step of the way, ensuring you receive containers that are as secure and dependable as they come! 🌈

Whenever you have questions or just fancy a chat, remember, we're just a message away, ready to sprinkle some BoxHub joy into your day! 🎈

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