What is Boxhub?

Boxhub is an online platform that makes it quick and simple to buy new and used shipping containers.

Our goal is to make buying a shipping container online as easy as it is to book a hotel online. We aim to provide the best possible customer service for our buyers while also making it easy for container owners to sell containers when they are no longer used in shipping service.

Boxhub's online platform provides a user-friendly overview of shipping containers available for purchase, upfront pricing, automated checkouts, great customer service, and a smooth delivery straight to your door.

We know that most buying decisions are made by online search and many people prefer online customer service. We provide the support of a strong technical and customer service team to answer any questions you might have in relation to your purchase.

With Boxhub, businesses and individuals alike can buy storage containers through a secure and convenient online experience. To buy a shipping container for sale near you, visit boxhub.com. For sales or technical support with placing your order, email help@boxhub.com or call +1 888-356-2954.