What's the difference between "cargo-worthy" and "wind and watertight" containers?

The key difference between cargo-worthy and wind & watertight containers is their suitability for international shipping.


A cargo-worthy container lives up to all requirements for international shipping and exports. This includes the ability to pass a CSC inspection, which certifies that a container can safely:

  1. Carry the cargo weight it’s intended for
  2. Be stacked and transported onboard container ships.

Just like wind & watertight containers, cargo-worthy containers will show signs of wear in-keeping with years transporting goods at sea. This includes dings, dents, scratches, and patches of surface rust. If you are buying a container for international shipping, you will need a cargo-worthy container.

Wind and watertight

Wind & watertight containers no longer meet the structural requirements for international shipping. Often, these containers can be repaired to “cargo-worthy” condition, however, it is not always economical for shipping lines to do so.

Wind & watertight units will have fully functioning doors that open and close/seal properly. They are still very suitable for static storage purposes or for modification projects.

For more information on standardized container grades, consult our buyer's guide to shipping containers.